xinmsn local team

xinmsn Singapore team (MediaCorp)

xinmsn - a collaboration between MediaCorp and Microsoft - is Singapore's number one online destination combining the best of MediaCorp's television, radio, print and online content and Microsoft's web platform.

Launched in March 2010, the bilingual website houses both global and Singapore-centric content. xinmsn provides surfers a chance to stay in tune with the latest content anytime, anywhere.

The exclusive content on xinmsn's innovative Video channel, the addition of Catch-Up TV, as well as the latest information on sports, entertainment, lifestyle, news and tech channels have generated much excitement amongst users of the portal.

The outstanding performance of xinmsn has also given our advertisers with potentially the largest online user base in Singapore, as the portal leapfrogged its competitors to a leading position in Singapore with 1.9 million unique visitors.

Source: comScore Singapore, October 2010

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