Eason's LIFE in SingaporeEason's LIFE in Singapore
02 March 2014 10:30
A peek into Eason Chan’s dark and playful side

The King of Cantopop brought his 'Eason's LIFE' tour to Singapore

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Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: MediaCorp
Videos: Teng Siew Eng

Eason Chan, the man of the night, kicked off his ‘EASON’s LIFE’ concert in Singapore without fanfare or fanciful pyrotechnics; it was pared down and unpretentious. He simply strode out from behind the curtains and walked towards to the center of the stage with nothing but a heartfelt greeting for the 8,000-strong audience.

“Welcome to my life,” he humbly said, grinning, “I hope you’ll enjoy the evening.”

His muted entrance, while unconventional and unexpected of a star his caliber, was otherwise impactful. The audience clearly loved it too as they enthusiastically cheered and waved their light sticks in approval. While Eason waved and smiled in return, he wasted no time on “unnecessary talking” and kicked off his Singapore show with the soft and mellow ‘Jin Tian Zhi Zuo Yi Jian Shi.’

After performing a repertoire of easy-listening songs, including his 12-year-old hit and theme song of TVB drama Triumph in the SkiesSui Yue Ru Ge,’ Eason’s concert took on decidedly darker and whimsical tone in his next few segments. One moment he was seen prancing on stage with numerous neon-coloured furry monsters, oversized clowns and bulked-up Frankensteins, the next he mulled over life’s “grey areas” (during the song ‘Duo Shao’) while standing behind a cloth-like screen depicting various scenarios of love, hate, regret and forgiveness.

He even had a dancer (or “actor” as he prefers to call them by) walk upside down on a piece of fluffy cloud for the dreamy sequence of ‘Jie Shu Kai Shi’.

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