An Accountancy graduate, a hard-core Liverpool fan, a beach volleyball bum, an adrenaline addict and an adventurer in Greece... that's how multi-faceted Alan Tern, Star Search 2001 finalist is. Be not taken in by his unassuming and laid-back demeanour, Alan is an action man who thrives on adventure and speed.

In Springs of Life, Alan stars as a Chinese 'sinseh' who falls in love with a prostitute, defying societal conventions. Effectively bilingual, Alan makes his first English debut in the popular English drama First Touch II as a social medical worker with marital problem.

In 2005, Alan was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Star Awards (Singapore's equivalent of the Emmys) for his outstanding performance in the long-running drama Double Happiness. And in 2007, he acted alongside Alex To and Ming Dow in a regional production, Angel Lover.

Alan is married to fellow MediaCorp actress, Priscelia Chan. And for the first time in 2010, this couple starred as onscreen husband and wife in Priceless Wonder. Alan plays a policeman who works in an anti-gambling squad in this light-hearted drama that highlights the problems with gambling.