Apple Hong has a unique demeanour that draws people to her and it was her captivating personality that won her a place in Star Search 1999 (a regional talent search contest). Although she came in second in the competition, it did not stop MediaCorp from offering her a contract.

A little known fact is that Apple was already a host for a Chinese infotainment programme while pursuing her degree in Malaysia Institute of Arts (majoring in TV production). Adding to her hosting experiences are programmes like 都市男女 and 食不可挡 with famous TV chef Chen Hong in Taiwan.

Of the various dramas, Apple has also been involved in many regional co-productions acting alongside regional artistes like Ouyang Zhen Hua (欧阳震华), Nick Cheung (张家辉), Anita Yuen(袁咏仪), Qin Han(秦汉), Mi Xue(米雪) and Ng Meng Tat(吴孟达).

Back home, Apple strikes one as a very affable girl and is a recognized face everywhere she goes, as evidenced by her commercial endorsements for Pink Dolphin water and Expressions. This versatile actress's wish is to be able to act in movies and it came though in 2005 when she was cast in Jack Neo's movie One More Chance.

In 2006, Apple launched her debut EP and sales for the album have proven the public's recognition of her talent.