Bobby co-hosts The Rude Awakening (Weekdays, 6 - 10am) on 987FM.

He is an American actor who has appeared in several Hollywood films including Cages, Running Red, No Tomorrow, and Darwin Conspiracy.

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bobby had a promising career in Baseball until he suffered a rotator cuff injury that hindered his chances to pitch at the professional level.

In1997, he fell into the fashion industry by chance where he traveled throughout South East Asia, including Singapore as a print and runway model. Bobby has modeled for fashion labels such as Donna Karen, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Levis. He has also been seen in MasterCard print ads and Samsung TVC's in the Asia Pacific region.

In1998, Bobby traveled to London, England to continue modeling. However during his off time he took up opportunity to further his acting skills by attending The Actor's Centre. Back In Los Angeles he continued his training by attending the Ivana Chubbuck Acting Studio, Howard Fine Studio, John Holma amongst many others.

In 2002, a chance meeting with Director Graham Streeter lead him to star as Ethan in Cages a Singaporean/ US production where he acted along side accomplished Singapore actor Tan Kheng Hua, Academy Award nominated Mako Iwamatsu, and Zelda Rubenstein. In 2007, Bobby returned to Singapore where he has been seen in multiple Singapore productions including MediaCorp's Channel 5 series "Life Story Season 2", the Art Central and the Asia Food Channel reality program "The Food Bachelor" as well as co-starring in the Suria series "Atas Heights". Bobby is probably most recognized in Singapore today for his role as Paul in the hit Channel 8 drama "The Little Nyonya" and the role of Thomas Livingston in "Fighting Spiders".

After the success of both series, Bobby took on what he described as one of the more emotionally challenging roles of his career, the role of Jack in the theatre Production of "Sleepless Town". A troubled character that required Bobby to go to a very dark place emotionally received commending reviews from Theatergoers and critics alike. Bobby then co-starred in the France TV2series 'DejaVu", which was a co-production with Singapore set in Vietnam and Singapore. He played the role of Antony.

Upon returning to Singapore, he was then cast to guest star in the first episode of "The Pupil", a legal drama series set in Singapore, then prepared for "Fighting Spiders" Season 2 reprising his Role as Thomas Livingston.
In 2010, Bobby ventured once again into Mandarin Television, taking on the role of Ian in the drama series "Hong Bai Xi Shi /New Beginnings", a role that required him to speak almost entirely in Mandarin spanning over four episodes. Fortunately the hard work paid off, his Mandarin was overall well received by audiences.

After completing two drama series back to back he tried his hand at hosting the reality TV series, "The Rookie". A show much like the Apprentice, casting graduates who are vying for an internship at four respected corporations.

The second half of 2010 had been quite dynamic for Bobby with various roles in different medias. Bobby starred in the hit Suria (Malay series) "Fajar Ramadan", "Fighting Spiders" Season 2, co-hosting the drive-time radio show "Cartunes" with Jean Danker on Singapore's largest English radio station, Class95, and guest starring in the comedies "Anything Goes" and "100 Wishes" which aired in late fall.

2011 turned out to be quite an exciting year for Bobby with Radio and Televisions Roles such as Anthony in "Ummi Season 2", and reprising roles such as Michael Allen in the "Pupil Season 2" and Malcolm in "100 wishes Season 2."