Brandon Wong was first initiated into his entertainment career when he joined MediaCorp's talent show Star Search in 1995. After beating thousands of candidates to get into the finals, his talents did not go unnoticed and he was soon courted by MediaCorp with a contract.

While he is often cast as a baddie, Brandon has a comedic flair too. His superb acting skills often surfaced, such as his convincing portrayal of a struggling comedian in the drama Wok of Life which was set in the 70s. The role made the audience sit up and take note of him and even earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Star Awards. In 2007, Brandon was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Star Awards for his outstanding performance in The Homecoming.

Brandon's performance in the drama Housewives' Holiday, where he played the lead role Chen Wei Bin, a taxi uncle, opposite Hong Hui Fang as his wife, has generated lots of positive reviews from the audience. And it has earned him his first nomination for Best Actor at the Star Awards. Housewives' Holiday is also the highest rated drama for 2009. And for the first time too, Brandon played the lead role in his first channel 5 production, Big Time In Little St, a telemovie. Amidst his hectic filming schedule, Brandon managed to find time to rehearse and perform in his first musical The Peranakan Ball.

The versatile Brandon not only acts but is also brainy, having graduated from the University Technology of Malaysia. He goes through a great deal of preparation for his roles and is so committed, he even lost a lot of weight once, so as to fit the character he was playing.