Wholesome and fresh-faced, Bryan began capitalizing on his face since his teenage years by landing modeling assignments and commercials. His first hosting stint was for the variety, Gen Y, a teenage lifestyle programme. His big break came in the form of City Beat, an infotainment programme which took Singapore by storm. It was also the very same programme that had many others follow suit with similar formatting styles. Bryan and his co-hosts enjoyed such magnificient camaraderie that the whole entourage soon found themselves sought after by producers and clients alike. Since then, Bryan has been a hot-favourite for many hosting programmes.

It was fortuitous that Bryan's strength was in his spontaneity and wit because that was exactly what Singapore audiences was looking for. He brought along with him a breath of freshness to the local hosting scene and his controversial candor certainly worked to his advantage. Today, Bryan is a household name, never mind his effervescent looks, Bryan, carries with him a wealth of experience.

As an actor, Bryan has an equally shining scorecard. Having participated in several drama productions, Bryan proves he has a mettle for both acting and hosting. His genuine and sincere style of delivery soon made him a winner in the eyes (and hearts) of many women.

Having risen onto the next stage in his career, Bryan remains humble of his accomplishments. During the Tsunami disaster, Bryan volunteered himself to be part of a 15-men medical team to Sri Lanka where he tended to the injured surviors of the tragedy.

His accolades are visible to many, and is definitely a jewel to our local entertainment scene.