It began with a habit. Cavin Soh would always be humming along to the songs played on his discman. Friends expressed that he had a very good voice. In a bid to confirm these were not biased feedback, Cavin tested his singing skills by taking part in and winning his first-ever singing competition. Through this competition, he discovered his calling to be a performer. In an effort to expand his interest, he joined a creative song-writing group to develop his song-writing skills and went on to participate in a ballad singing competition where he won “Best Performance Artist” and “Best Performance” awards. Though many record companies approached him to record an album, he put his dream on hold to fulfil his commitment to his parents to complete his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Cavin fervently continued to create music and write songs during his studies and realized his calling to be a recording artiste could be suppressed no more. His demo, all the way from Scotland, landed in the hands of the boss of a local recording company and Boss Ken was beyond impressed, to say the least. After a live audition with Ken, Cavin was more than convinced that this was his path in life that he has to pursue upon graduating.

Together with two friends, Cavin formed a band called “Dreamz FM” and released three critically acclaimed albums. The chemistry between the three members – be it in their talent for creating music and songwriting or the perfect complementary fusion of their voices together – was undeniably great that the United Nations invited them to New York to perform the 30th anniversary concert theme song to agencies from all around the world.

Having achieved much in the music arena, Cavin decided to explore other arenas of entertainment – acting. Not willing to pass up any opportunity that is offered, he jumped at the challenge when MediaCorp offered him his first role in “Soho @ Work” as cold-faced comedian. This was the birth of Cavin – the actor. Personalizing characters and making them his own, Cavin grasped the craft of acting through perseverance and hard work, bringing these words-created characters to life. Having endeavored in diverse roles – both good and evil - he has managed to win over critics with his hard work, earning him nominations for and even winning “Best Supporting Actor” at the annual Star Awards in 2005.

His bubbly personality and affable, quick-witted nature has also garnered him hosting roles – roles that he took on seriously despite the light-hearted disposition displayed – and has since established himself as a popular in-demand host for both live and variety shows. His successful transition from music to acting and hosting is further cemented through the constant demand by the public and producers to have him more on the silver screen.

Cavin further honed his craft in hosting when he became a resident weekend DJ on Singapore’s No.1 radio station – Yes 93.3. In a span of a month, Cavin’s unique baritone and humorous honesty also managed to capture the hearts of listeners at a record speed, leading him to helm the night belt which the radio station relied on to attract highest youth listenership.

It hasn’t been an easy road for the multi-hyphenated. Despite all that he has achieved so far, Cavin humbly soaks in the experience and continually pushes boundaries to make him a better all-rounded artiste. Cavin has set the entertainment industry as his playground of a lifetime, and is addicted to continuously bettering his craft as an entertainer. You’ve not seen the best of him yet.