Chen Li Ping is a name that keeps appearing in popularity polls over the years since she started her acting career in 1985.  Voted 4th in a popularity poll organised by the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now MediaCorp) and Lianhe Zaobao in 1988, Li Ping moved on to win the Most Popular Actress title in a similar poll in 1991.

Li Ping's staying power can be attributed to her portrayal of the bumbling school teacher she played in the 1989 hit drama serial “Good Morning, Sir”.  In fact, the screen persona, Ms Aiyoyo (who likes to pepper her lines with the exclamation “Aiyoyo!”), made such a huge impact that Li Ping reprised it for the second time in the 20-part serial “Teacher’s Diary”, and she is still being affectionately referred to as Aiyoyo by the media and viewers alike till this day.

Li Ping has been nominated for multiple times at the annual Star Awards and nabbed the Best Actress Award in 2003 and 2010 for her performance in “Holland V” and “Reunion Dinner” respectively.  Her performance as Mo Wan Wan in “Holland V” and Aiyoyo in “Good Morning, Sir” also won her the Top 5 Classic Characters in Star Awards-25th Drama Anniversary Show held in 2007.

Besides acting, Li Ping also received rave reviews for hosting programmes like “HDB Tai Tai” and “My Star Guide”, both was well-received that they returned for several seasons.

Li Ping became the first artiste to receive double Best Actress nominations for her roles in “The Golden Path” and “Just in Singapore” at Star Awards in 2009.  To date, she has numerous drama serials under her belt that made it to Top 10 most watched drama list annually.  These includes “Holland V”, “Oh My Hero”, “The Golden Path”, “Just in Singapore”, “Unriddle” and “Joys Of Life”.

In 2014, she made it a hat-trick with another Best Actress win at the Star Awards ’20 with her noteworthy performance as a well-respected career woman with an unfaithful spouse and autistic son in “The Dream Makers”.

To sum it all, Li Ping is an endearing actress who has won a place in every household in Singapore.