Once upon a time, there was a little girl who liked nothing better than twirling in front of the mirror to the Beatles and Boney M, whilst wearing her mother's high heels. Fast forward several years later and not much has changed, except that not-so-little girl now has her own 100-shoe collection and her high heel fetish can largely be attributed to being vertically challenged.

What this five-foot wonder lacks in height she definitely makes up in volume. Besides tickling your ears on the airwaves, Denise's noise-making skills have also been put to good use on the local stage - you may have seen her in productions including Chang and Eng, The Little Shop of Horrors, Animal Farm, The Full Monty, Beauty World, Fried Rice Paradise and Hansel & Gretel.
Denise also enjoys being a crafty cow when she's not moo-ving her body or her voice - she's a whiz with a needle and thread.

  • Wonder Woman and Miss Piggy are the two personalities she'd most like to meet.
  • She'd never say no to Earl Grey Tea or Dirty Martinis (extra olives, please!).
  • She's obsessed with hamburgers and 80's teen movies.Grease 2 is her all-time favourite movie. Really.
  • She makes her own monthly mix-tapes and yes, she'll share her tunes if you ask nicely.
  • She believes shoe-shopping, French fry-eating and instagraming should become Olympic sports.
  • Collecting lame jokes is another hobby that keep her busy, so try this one on for size:
  • Q: Why did the short gambler refuse to shop at the Butcher's?
  • A: Because the steaks were too high!

So for extra incredible aural stimulation daily, listen in to Denise on the Lunchtime Jukebox, Monday to Friday, 10am-2pm!