Ewan Mah is a former tennis coach and player who was part of the national tennis team back in the late 90s. A graduate in Creative Writing and Literature, he's spent 3 years in radio.

This 31 year-old loves comedies, space operas, fantasy, and super hero movies. He's also into books, graphic novels and of course, watching all sorts of sports. He'll also tell you he doesn't know where he finds time to do all of these things on top of trying to get in an odd game of tennis.

Ewan's claim to fame is that he once had the same racket stringer as the great Pete Sampras. He also knew a guy who once beat Jim Courier.

Now a seasoned radio reporter, he's has begun writing for the TODAY Newspaper and might appear on Channel News Asia very soon.

Having met and spoken to many sports personalities over the years, Ewan will tell you that all the famous athletes, coaches and managers are just like you and I and are rather down to earth. Most would rather you speak to them as a person rather than as a fan and that they're always happy to share a joke or two with you.

Favourite Sport (played)

Favourite Sport (watched)
Football, Tennis, NFL American football, NBA Basketball

Favourite Team (club)
Blackburn Rovers FC

Favourite Team (national)
Brazil '94 World cup winning team

Favourite Player
: Romario (when he wasn't claiming but actually scoring goals)
Tennis: Boris Becker

Favourite moment as a reporter
Covering my one and only tennis event so far in Bali 2008

Favourite sports star you met
Multiple doubles Grand Slam winner Todd Woodbridge

Most memorable moment in sports
Watching Boris Becker become the youngest Wimbledon Champion at 17 in 1985 (and then repeating the win in '86).

Blackburn pipping Man U for the Premiership in 1995.

Singapore doing the Malaysian Premier League & Cup double in 1994 and Brazil winning the '94 World Cup.

Most memorable sports event competed in
The Nick Bolletieri Invitational '97 (Under 18 age group) in Sarasota, Florida. I had to play in the losers pool on court 48!!!

Sporting legend who inspires you
Roger Federer - record winner for the most number of glam slam titles. Modest, hardworking, and ever the sportsman. He's the epitome of grace and efficiency on court.