Janice started her career in radio broadcast as 938LIVE’s resident foodie. With 6 years of experience under her belt, she has presented the news, conducted daily interviews on a wide range of lifestyle, business and current affairs subjects, across breakfast radio, evening drive-time and everything in between. Janice had the pleasure of chatting on-air with a whole host of individuals - from well-known personalities, to average joes, funny people to serious people. Through it all, Janice believes in allowing on-air guests to voice their most passionate causes and enthusiasm to break down barriers.

Over at Symphony 924, Janice continues to lend her bubbly, cheerful voice to The Drive Home every evening. She plays a mix of well-loved classics, cross-over pieces, popular arias and jazz at 7pm. Janice brings on the hourly News and occasionally is still called upon to present bulletins. Janice also updates drivers with the latest traffic information on the go. In addition, Janice also conducts ticket giveaways and interviews renowned classical artistes visiting Singapore for a performance. Most recently, she chatted with the classical pianist Adam Gyorgy, the guitarist Bertha Rojas, the soprano Zhu Huiling and SDT’s artistic director Janek Schergen.

In her spare time, Janice takes on voice over projects, consults on media and communication strategies for a number of corporate clients, is an enthusiastic cook and can mix up a mean mojito and when there’s time left over in the day, runs after a 3 legged kitten she rescued from a local shelter who zooms around the house at high speed and makes sure it doesn’t get into too much trouble!