Kym Ng is one of the most endearing artistes in Singapore who manages to combine so much physical beauty, dramatic versatility and hosting capabilities all in one, which is why she tops every producer's list. She has moved seamlessly between meaty, serious dramatic roles to lighter fares such as Fion See Chao Lian (Chao Ah Lian) in Durian King with aplomb. An excellent host and a former singer, Kym excels in everything she does.

Her big break on television was in the variety programme City Beat with her role as Miss Tan. That role went down so well with the local audiences that there was no hardly anyone who didn't know her. It was definitely heartwarming too too see children and adults alike come up to Kym to shower her with praises for her witty and convincing performance.

Not a stranger to the Asian Television Awards, Kym is a mulitple winner for Best TV presenter. The female icon of our local entertainment scene, Kym is also hot on the list of numerous huge commercial clienst like Omega and Saab just to name a few.

And once again in 2011, she won the Best Presenter Award for her hosting role in Love On A Plate.

A gem to Singapore's entertainment scene, Kym is the staple diet to every household.