Hi I'm the Waltzing Mathilda!

Yes you heard correctly! Its Mathilda D'silva from Singapore Idol playing you the hits of the 1700's till today!

Seems like it was just yesterday when I was either delighting or scaring audiences with my garang versions of Led Zeplin and Shirley Bassey and some might find it odd that I've moved from Bassey to Bach. However classical music has always had a tender spot in my heart. The classics paved the way for Popular Music as we know it so its only right that we give "props" to the original pop stars.

I have always loved listening to music on the radio, in fact my earliest memories are of sitting in Dad's car, mimicking the radio deejays and singing along in the loudest voice to everything I could hear. Suffice to say my kindergarten nickname of "THUNDERVOICE" seems very apt.

If you think Classical music is boring then "au contraire mon cher"! Popular Classics is where we dish dish dish about all the gossip, scandal and crazy antics of your favourite composers and musicians. Its naughty yet tasteful...quite like me I dare say!

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