Attractive and with a sunshine babe persona, Michelle Chia is Singapore’s new league of modern and talented artiste.  Discovered at a tender age of 6, she was a lovable child actor who later caught the audience’s attention when at 15, she played the role of a Ma Jie convincingly in the classic docu-drama series “Vow of Celibracy”.

She joined MediaCorp after her tertiary education and broadened her artistic skills by trying her hands in hosting.  Quick-witted and a fast-learner, Michelle charmed and bonded with the audience and soon became a popular figure and earned her first award when she was voted one of the Top Ten Most Popular Female Artistes in 1999.  Since then, Michelle has appeared in countless variety shows and partnered many top local and regional hosts in bringing weekly entertainment to viewers.  These includes “Yummy King” with Adrian Pang, “Our Makan Places: Lost and Found” with Gurmit Singh, CCTV’s “Wanna Challenge” with China veteran host Zhu Jun and “Live the Dream” with MTV VJ Utt.

Effectively bilingual, Michelle is not one to rest on her laurels as she is ever ready to take on new challenges, be it an English Drama role, or dancing sexy salsa for a charity event or doing thrilling sports like wakeboarding or learning a difficult musical instrument like zither. 

Her performance as a water polo coach in the English drama “Polo Boys” earned her a Best Actress nomination at Asian Television Awards 2010.  In 2011, Michelle Chia also co-hosted the red carpet event of the prestigious “Mnet Asian Music Awards” which was beamed live worldwide. 

2012 sees Michelle adding another two drama serials to her portfolio – “Double Bonus” and “Pillow Talk”.  She also anchors her first social documentary series “Borders” where she travels to country’s borders to find out why people cross borders.