What do they say about judging a book by its cover? Youthful looking Nick Shen enjoys a rather interesting hobby in his free time... he performs Teochew Opera! Hanging out with the opera troop companies when growing up has given Nick a special insight and appreciation into this centuries-old art form.

The Singapore winner of the All-Asian Star Search '99, Nick entered TV land and has since been steadily gaining credibility with his hard work and talent. Effectively bilingual, Nick has successfully won over the English TV viewers as hospital houseman Dr Wee Teck Meng in the medical drama First Touch on Channel 5.

Musically inclined as well, Nick has represented Singapore in the Asian Song Festival. He also writes lyrics and has sung both the theme and sub-theme songs for First Touch and Kopi-O II respectively. Nick also sings in the Sing Singapore 2002 album by the National Arts Council and hosted the nationwide promotional school tours and showcasing his many talents.

Nick took to theatre in 2002 with a Mandarin play, The Glass Menagerie, and a Teochew play Revelation, in 2003.

Other than indulging in Teochew Opera in his spare time, Nick pens magazine columns, cooks Teochew dishes, swims or hangs out with his buddies for a game of soccer.