Farhan is the latest addition to the 938LIVE Sports Desk, having graduated from university in the middle of last year.

He's gained much experience as a journalist covering local sports online while he was still a Communications student in campus.

A big football fan himself, Farhan's fondest memory of his childhood include following the Malaysia Cup heydays in the early 90s back when the whole HDB flat would erupt in cheers as they followed the National Team on television.

But if you were to ask him, he'd rather be watching sports live among the crowds rather than at the comfort of a sofa in front of a TV screen.

Plus he's always been fascinated by the mindset and strategy of winners, seeing how they're so different from the others who train their guts out, only to end up in 2nd place.

Farhan's idea of kicking back and relaxing would be to go for a jog by the beach or to sweat it out doing weights in the gym.

Always pushing past his comfort zone, this sports news junkie also loves to compete for fun as well and hopes to learn playing a new sport every year.

An avid traveller, this 25 year old plans to see much more of the world and has an ever-expanding checklist of places he must visit.

This promising radio rookie currently delivers all the latest action on SportsZone Minutes as well as on SportsZone Wrap; and he's also a co-host on SportsZone on Saturdays.