Pan Ling Ling joined the former SBC in 1988 after graduating from its 8th Drama Artiste Training Course.  With her entry into the circle, she has since brought forth a trend of oriental-beauty incandescence onto our screens, radiating from within, her own brand of charm and elegance.

In 1991, Ling Ling played the female lead in the 130 -episode series “Women of Substance”, MediaCorp TV's first ever location filming in China.  Her portrayal as an immigrant who perseveres despite extreme hardship won her rave reviews.  In 1992, Ling Ling made headlines when she became the first MediaCorp artiste to star in a regional movie.  She played a psychoanalyst opposite international superstar Jackie Chan in “Crime Story”.

Besides acting, Ling Ling is also a competent host and was one of the wacky comperes in MediaCorp’s best-loved variety show, “City Beat”.  In addition to that, Ling Ling was also responsible for feeding the audience their weekly capsules of entertainment news in “Entertainment Beat”.

In 2008, Ling Ling was cast in “The Little Nyonya”, a storyline with a Peranakan setting that spans over 70 years starting in the 1930s.  This serial recorded the highest rating in local TV history to date since 1994.  The following year, she acted in yet another long-running TV serial “Your Hand In Mine”, a 180-ep family drama which acquired a loyal following.  After 2 decades, Ling Ling’s hard work and perseverance finally paid off when she won her first acting award at Star Awards ‘11 for her performance as a kept woman in the blockbuster “Breakout”.  She was also Highly Commended at the Asia Television Awards 2011 for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for this same role.

Between 2011-2013, Ling Ling acted in numerous high ratings and well-received drama serials including “On The Fringe”, “A Song To Remember”, “Joys Of Life” and “It Takes Two”, as well as in a 4-episode special to commemorate our National Day “The Day It Rained On Our Parade”.

In 2013, Ling Ling was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to stop work for a year to undergo surgery and treatment.  However, this optimistic and strong-willed actress bravely faces adversity and is back to acting a year later when her cancer is in remission to star in her first English language role in the police drama “Mata Mata 2”.