This gamine child-woman with the angelic face has been steadily building her craft since her foray into the entertainment world in 1999. A consistent performer, Priscelia Chan had so impressed the judges with her magnetic charm in “Star Search '99 Finals” that she was immediately signed on with MediaCorp.

Priscelia's debut role is as an innocuous nun in a mega-drama production, ‘The Legendary Swordsman”, where she acted alongside regional veteran actors from Taiwan.  Her big breakthrough is “In Pursuit Of Peace”, where she plays a devoted and brave woman who is emotionally dependent on her man.

Being a co-host in the Chinese variety programme “Super TV Champion & Chong Qing Discovery”, Priscelia tackles yet another dimension of the performing acts and continues to scale new heights in her craft.  An effectively bilingual performer, Priscelia also played lead roles in English drama series including “Heartlander” and “My Sassy Neighbour”.

A combination of beauty, diligence and talent, Priscelia’s path to stardom never shone brighter.  In 2006, Priscelia was involved in a regional production “Legend & Hero”.  Priscelia plays an army general alongside regional artistes Liu De Kai and Fan Bing Bing in this period drama.

2011 sees Priscelia starring in the first Singapore-Japan collaborative TV effort “Mooncake” alongside Japanese model Shinobu Otsuka. The following year, this chirpy lass was cast as a materialistic songstress in a 4-episode drama “The Day it Rained On Our Parade”.  This special drama that commemorates our National Day captures the spirit of unity and loyalty in a heart-warming story.

Her noteworthy performance was not only recognised by the jury with a Best Supporting Actress nomination at Star Awards 20th Anniversary, she was also lauded with the Rocket Award for her breakthrough in her craft, her first win after 15 years in showbiz