Secondary 1 student Shawn Tok triumphed over 4500 contestants to be crowned the overall champion of the second season of <Campus SuperStar>《校园SuperStar》, a spin-off from the wildly successful <Project SuperStar>《绝对 SuperStar》. At 13, Shawn is the youngest contestant to win the title of this singing talent show for teens on Channel U.

A hot favorite from the start of the competition, Shawn was edged out in the earlier rounds. But this cute young boy has won so many fans that he returned back into the ring in the Revival Round.

Despite being the youngest of the lot, Shawn is arguably one of the strongest contestants, taking into account both praises by the judges and the spontaneous rounds of loud applause and cheers he got for each of his performance.

Immediately following his win, this adorable young boy was selected to front the latest TV campaign for MediaCorp. He also caught the eyes of local producer and made his acting debut in a telemovie <God of Fortune>《天降运财》 which was released in early 2008.