I'm about to quote Justin Bieber.

I think I'm beginning to like ginseng. No Bieber didn't say that.

I said a while ago that I would never eat or drink anything with ginseng because I hated the taste but then my sinuses started to act up and I consulted a TCM who told to me consume.... Ginseng. Never say never. Did you catch the Bieber reference? If you don't know who Justin Bieber is, just look for the boy that looks like Hilary Swank.

That was a longwinded fact about me. Hello! I'm Vernetta Lopez and I am one part of the duo on the Gold Breakfast Show, the other half being The Flying Dutchman!

I joined Gold 90FM on 31st Dec 2012! What a day to start; by ending a year! Cool!

Being on radio is such a fun ride and I'm still enjoying the thrill! And working on the all NEW Gold Breakfast Show is such an honor!

Hope you can join FD and me every morning from 6am!

Have an awesome 2014!!

Vernetta Lopez