Poised, eloquent Vivian is the champion of Singapore Star Search'99 and the All-Asian Star Search '99 champion.

Her acting debut in Knotty Liaisons, a dramedy about modern love, as an interior designer introduced TV viewers to this fresh faced beauty. Thereafter, Vivian played a gossipy and vain magazine reporter in the sitcom Adam's Company starring alongside popular Hong Kong star-VJ David Wu.

Her breakthrough came when she portrayed the role of Rachel as an independent, ambitious advertising exec in the contemporary drama Three & a Half Women, who learnt the love of family and friends after becoming disabled in an accident. In the 60's drama Bukit Ho Swee, Vivian metamophorsised into the role of Wanqing, a materialistic and manipulative songstress who was eventually killed by her spurned lover turned mad.

Vivian continues to expand the depth and breath of her acting abilities as she takes on the role of a gambler in the highly anticipated The Unbeatables III as the protegé of the King & Queen of Gamblers with an unexpected twist.

Fun-loving and easy-going, Vivian is setting milestones in her acting career for all to enjoy.