Zheng Ge Ping, a former chef, became a full-time actor in 1987 after completing the 7th Professional Drama Performers’ Training Course.  The 1.82m Ge Ping is a second-dan black-belter in taekwondo.  With his burly physique in complement with his taekwondo skills, he is able to deliver kicks and punches impressively.  These factors thus put him in good stead when come to action roles.

A versatile actor, Ge Ping is capable of striding between both evil and good roles.  Being a diligent actor, Ge Ping’s acting skills has improved tremendously after years of hard work.  His breakthrough came in 1996 with his convincing portrayal of a demon in “The Legends Of Ji Gong” and a retarded in “Tofu Street”.  Ge Ping was nominated for The Best Supporting Male Actor in Star Awards for three consecutive years.  One of his later vehicles, “The Vagrant”, showed him playing a hooligan who went mad after betraying his best friend which landed the latter in jail.

His hard work was finally recognized when he ascended to leading man status and won the Best Actor Award for his role as a well-built but simple-minded father in “Like Father, Like Daughter” at the 2007 Star Awards.  Following this win, Ge Ping has since landed in more leading roles in subsequent years including the long-running drama “Love Blossoms”.

He further impressed audiences with his ultra-masculine persona in “Kampong Ties” which also earned him another nomination for Best Actor Award.

2012 sees Ge Ping taking on key roles in two blockbuster dramas “Joys Of Life” which was set in post-World War II Singapore and “It Takes Two”, a light hearted drama that reflects the everyday issues currently confronting Singaporeans.

In 2013, this veteran actor turned author and released his first book <Star Fitness> where he reveals his training and diet regimen that transformed his body into a lean and toned physique.