Graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, Zhou Ying first appeared on the screens in Singapore when she took part in MediaCorp’s talent competition, Star Search 2007.  She was one of the two finalists from Shanghai to compete against other contestants from the region in the final rounds of the competition held in Singapore.

In 2009, she was handpicked by producer to play one of the key roles in a sports-themed drama “Table of Glory”.  Soon after, she landed herself another key role in MediaCorp’s 2009 mega-drama “Together” as the physically frail but matured Hui Min.

In 2010, this saccharine-sweet lass moved her base to Singapore and landed her first leading role in the year-end blockbuster drama “Breakout” where she plays Tang Ying, a 25 year old young woman who wakes up from a coma 13 years later after a road accident.  Trapped in an older body with a memory still frozen at age 12, she struggles to cope with reality including the cruel truth behind her parents’ death.  Her convincing performance received a nod for a Best Actress nomination in Star Awards 2011 and she bags her first Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award. 

In 2012, Zhou Ying’s acting skill was further stretched when she played an aspiring model who becomes obsessed with seeking revenge in “Absolutely Charming” and a hardworking Samsui woman in “The Quarters”.  Someone who continues to take on new challenges, she also co-hosted two new variety programmes “S.N.A.P.” and “Style: Check-in”.

Clearly adding a breath of fresh air to the local scene, this young and promising starlet has loads of potential that’s just waiting to shine.