Kate was a model in Taiwan before she joined MediaCorp. Passionate about acting, she has been honing her skills through attending acting classes and acting in numerous TV commercials and even a movie in Taiwan.

During an open audition in Taiwan, she impressed the panel of judges from MediaCorp so much that she was immediately offered an opportunity to pursue a professional acting career in Singapore.

Now based in Singapore as a full-time artiste with the station, she plays one of the lead roles alongside Rui En and Joanne Peh in her debut drama, A Tale of 2 Cities. Highly sought after by producers for her fresh appeal and credible acting, she is cast simultaneously in 2 major productions, Devotion and On The Fringe in 2011, making her one of the most visible newcomers to hit the TV screens.

With more productions in the pipeline, this friendly and endearing lass looks set to become one of the next big thing in the TV industry.