With over a decade of entertainment experience, Utt has become a household name in Southeast Asia. The Thai-Chinese American born Utt grew up in California where he attended the California State University Northridge before transferring his studies to Thailand’s Assumption University, where he studied Communication Arts majoring in Advertising.

Utt’s popularity is credited to MTV as one of Asia’s longest running host, seen both on television and hosting grandeur events such as the Asia Television Awards and Mandarin Music Honors to name a few.

His ability to host ranges from music programs to the supernatural series "Incredible Tales" where he presents tales from the beyond from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. Due to the popularity of the programme, the series already ran its fourth season.

Besides hosting, Utt has also proved himself to be an established actor, with credits in over a dozen serial dramas in Thailand with several serials being critically received. His acting experience has since cross over to Singapore taking the lead role in his first English series "Chase" in 2005, an award winning screenplay adapted for television in a 13 part series jointly produced by the Media Development Authority of Singapore and MediaCorp Singapore. The series was well received and was televised in Malaysia and Japan. Following the success, a spin-off “After Hours” with Utt leading the cast once again was produced in 2007.

His pan-Asian features highlighted his versatility across various international markets, with numerous endorsements in Asia that certified his universal appeal.