From no-show last year to her first drama this year (will be expecting more to come), Fann is all ready to play different roles regardless of what the EPs required of her – be fat, be ugly, be evil or just be anyone...who says ‘Fann only picked pretty roles’?


Step aside every other male stars, here’s the 4-time Best Actor Chen Han Wei in another transformation...


Here’s the beautiful theme song by none other than the lead stars Fann Wong & Chen Han Wei:

‘Be Happy 生日快乐’ also stars Guo Liang, Zzen, Zhang Yao Dong, Paige Chua, Peixuan and Apple Hong....more videos at the press con will be uploaded.’s the preview of the drama to debut on 15 March at 9pm:

By the way, I tweeted and posted videos and photos LIVE from Sheraton Towers where the press con took was timely and fun if you were following Ch 8 Twitter:

Make sure you do so if you want the LIVE announcement of Star Awards Top 40 Most Popular Male Artistes on 17 March (you can also follow this blog for the full results)...

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