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Channel 8 and Xinmsn’s upcoming drama 96°C café is now in midst of pre-production! This is a never-before-done format that begins with an online drama with 8 webisodes on xinmsn, followed by a 20-episode drama on Channel 8.

A brief synopsis on the gist of the drama:

Desmond Tan plays the role of Li Qiao 立乔, a former info-tech engineer who loves photography. He and his wife Xi Jie 曦洁 (Paige Chua), a pâtissiere, run 96°C Café after tying the knot. However, Xi Jie 曦洁 gets involved in a car accident; things were never the same as before.

Compatible Couple!


Here’s the styled look of our dashing barista! Isn’t it heart-warming to open a café with a loving husband like this?


Xi Jie 曦洁 is a passionate baker expert in making tiramisu, the signature dessert in the café. Mmmmmmmmm~ TIRAMISU! However, the accident left a toll on her and resulted in her eccentric personality…

Paige 彻底脱离以往高贵的气质. This time she’s rocking the simple girl-next-door look! 还是一样美爆了!


Without the help of Xi Jie 曦洁, it wasn’t easy for Li Qiao 立乔 to manage the café on his own, so a helper is needed!

So~ here comes our adorable Julie Tan, playing Yu Chen 雨晨 in this drama. Initially, Yu chen 雨晨 and Li Qiao 立乔 weren’t seeing eye to eye. But after a series of incidents, they started to work hand in hand, reviving the nearly closed-down café. Slowly, feelings between them begin to develop…



Another male lead Zhang Zhen Huan 张振寰 plays Wei Da 威达, a delivery man who’s obsessively fascinated by Yu Chen 雨晨. His love for Yu Chen 雨晨 attracts well-known DJ, Pei Fen 佩芬! Will the relationship between the two blossom? Stay tuned to find out!


Here’s an interesting fact, Lin Mei Jiao’s (林梅娇)daughter, Chantelle will also take up a role in this drama as Yu Chen’s 雨晨 best friend Shu Ting 舒亭! This will be her debut acting performance, so PLEASE GIVE HER YOUR UTMOST SUPPORT!

She’s exceptionally cute and adorable ~


Do support 96°C café!

Xinmsn: Debuts 18 February, 2 episodes released every Monday
Channel 8: Debuts 7 April, 20-minute episodes every Sunday at 10.30pm

Channel 8: Debuts 29 April, 9pm every weekday

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