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“Fat Mama” Maria Cordero pits herself against Anthony Wong

The two Hong Kong actors are contesting for the seat of President of Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild

Anthony Wong Maria Cordero

After Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong was reported to have fallen out with the Secretary-General of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Astrid Chan, over the position of the new President, a new development has arose – Maria Cordero, nicknamed “Fat Mama” by her fans, an actress and chef from Macau who has her own cooking show, was revealed to be one of the candidates running for guild President.

Previously, Anthony, who has the support of former guild President Eric Tsang, could not step up as the new President due to guild constitution. According to Astrid, he was not a guild member yet and is not eligible to run for presidency.

A source revealed that the guild was split into two distinct cliques – the veteran and the young artistes, and that they do not see eye-to-eye. It was rumoured that the veteran artistes in the guild wanted to prevent Anthony from being elected as the President as they are afraid that he would remove their benefits (they had regular meetings every month and used the guild funds for tea gatherings and food during the festive seasons).

Not only that, but the veterans are also afraid that Anthony would start a guild “cleansing” to remove some of them from the guild.

Maria, who is currently in Malaysia, has said that she is unsure of the details, and requested for the media to wait till she returns to Hong Kong before commenting on the issue. Astrid also said that as long as the new President is one that respects the seniors and takes care of the juniors, it does not matter who gets elected.

The election of the guild President will take place on February 14.

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