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23 Hong Kong artistes involved in drug party

The number of celebrities suspected of substance abuse in a restaurant last year has increased from 5 to 23

Hilary Tsui, Josie Ho

It was reported earlier that five Hong Kong artistes were involved in a drug party during a dinner gathering at actress Suki Chui’s husband Kenny Wong’s restaurant last October. The number rose to 23 in recent reports, with the list including daughter of Macau casino magnate Josie Ho, Eason Chan’s wife Hilary Tsui, newly married singer Grace Ip and Cantonese hip-hop group LMF. 

The group had gathered at Kenny Wong’s restaurant for a birthday celebration that evening. According to the staff, they were having steamboat initially, but strange noises started coming out from the room after the boiler was removed. The workers entered when they heard screams and saw the gang sitting together, some of whom were seen holding blunt wraps, pills and white powdery substance in their hands.

The entire scene was recorded as the room was installed with closed circuit cameras. “I saw some familiar faces,” said sources who watched the footage. “There’s a middle-aged woman who was smoking the ‘powder’ and taking pills, and there’s another girl who was shouting and dancing. She was even kissing a bespectacled guy passionately.”

They got into a dispute with the staff during payment when the party ended five hours later. Although the bill was settled after few rounds of argument, they were still clearly unhappy as one of the guys and one of the ladies in the group pointed their middle fingers at the closed circuit camera as they left.

Kenny Wong has confirmed that Josie Ho and company had indeed visited his restaurant for dinner that night. He explained, “I wasn’t around on that day but I heard from my staff that they came. I saw some of them smoking and swallowing pills in the video but I’m not sure who exactly.”

After this incident came to light, the police carried out investigations and the boss was requested to provide relevant information. When asked if he is worried that it would bring trouble, he said, “Actually I received a call from a self-proclaimed ‘Big Sister’ some time ago threatening me not to get involved in this anymore. I’m concerned about her next move so I’m handling this with the police.”

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