20 August 2014 10:30 | By Joanna Goh
9 things we love about Ch8’s blessings

The best bits of Channel 8’s time-travelling drama and sleeper hit of the year, Blessings

Channel 8 drama Blessings
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It does not have an A-lister-filled cast, a bombastic setting OR the pre-hype and buzz that surrounds blockbusters and hit-makers, but Channel 8 drama series Blessings rose above the ranks of being just another heartland story with its interesting premise and heartwarming storytelling – so much that it broke the million viewership mark on its fifth episode. There is so much we like about this understated drama, from its characters and its story plot to its ending (yes, even the ending!), and we are hard-pressed to find a bone to pick with it.

Is it too early to call this sleeper hit the most satisfying local show of the year?

There we said it.

What makes this Ch8 drama such a hit amongst viewers? Read on and find out.

UPDATE: Blessings is the 2nd most watched drama of the year, after C.L.I.F. 3, with an average viewership of 1 million viewers per episode.

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