02 August 2014 10:15
A love-hate relationship with flumpool

The four-man band caught up with us prior to their latest gig in Singapore

flumpool in Singapore
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Text & Photos: Lee Wei Lin
Video: Foong Mien Shi & Vina Chia

Japanese rock band flumpool celebrated their fifth anniversary this year, kicking off their 5th Anniversary tour 2014 「MOMENT」 in Japan before taking Taiwan and Singapore by storm.

The band caught up with xinmsn in a cozy group interview ahead of their open press conference at JCube, where their passionate fans braved the heat and subsequent rain to catch a glimpse of the group before their concert the next day.

Having been in the business for a good five years, flumpool admitted that their transition from an indie band from Osaka to a mainstream pop-rock band that travels around the world has not been smooth sailing. “We feel like we’re being trapped so we wish we had the freedom that we did when we were still an indie group,” vocal Ryuta Yamamura quipped, much to the amusement of his fellow members.

“However, if we had remained as an indie group, it wouldn’t be possible for us to receive all the support from our staff and the media; we wouldn’t be able to share our music with fans around the world as well so we’re happy that we made the transition,” they later clarified.

The group seems to have a love-hate relationship with just about anything – even one another. Drummer Seiji Ogura mused, “What I don’t like about Ryuta is that he never changes his mind once he decides on something – but that’s what I like the most about him as well.”

WATCH: flumpool has a love-hate relationship amongst themselves
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flumpool 5th Anniversary tour 2014 「MOMENT」Singapore Special Live will take place on August 2, Saturday 7pm at *SCAPE The Ground Theater. Tickets are priced at $148, $118, $98 and are available via Ticketbooth.

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