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A-Mei’s New Year “escape” plan backfires

The Taiwanese songbird attracted even more attention when she tried to go incognito in a lion mascot costume after the New Year countdown concert


A-Mei, a perennial headlining act at Taiwan's New Year countdown concert all these years, always finds it hard to make a smooth departure from the concert venue due to traffic congestion and ardent fans hot on her heels.

This year, she decided to adopt a better plan: to "escape" in disguise.

When the Taiwanese songstress, dressed in a lion mascot costume, walked down the busy streets around Taipei 101 on New Year's Day, she most certainly did not foresee herself becoming the centre of attraction.

Passers-by were immediately attracted to A-Mei's appealing costume and even requested to take group photos with her.

While interacting with the public in between photo-taking sessions, she surprised the public and revealed herself when she removed the lion mascot's head piece.

A-Mei chirped, "It's so stuffy in here [mascot costume]. It's tough being a mascot, but I enjoyed it."

More than 300 fans followed A-Mei throughout the 15 minutes journey and a series of photos documenting it made their way online.

Meanwhile, the superstar has returned to Taitung to celebrate both her aboriginal tribe's harvest festival and New Year with the tribe members.

A-Mei's manager commented, "She goes back home during this time every year. It has become a major event, and many tourists have specially chosen to travel here just to celebrate with her."


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