17 January 2013 11:23
A reel-life take on local showbiz: The Dream Makers

Local showbiz ain’t as boring as it seems – at least not on upcoming Ch8 drama series, The Dream Makers

A reel-life take on local showbiz: The Dream Makers
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Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Dang Hui Ling & Channel 8
Video: Ling Pak Wei

For those of you who have always wondered what it is like to be a struggling actress, or how your local TV station functions – you’re in for a treat. This June, things are going to get real catty in showbiz (a fictional showbiz, that is) in the upcoming Ch8 production, TheDream Makers.

Think of it as Korea’s On Air or the currently-airing Drama King, and expect plenty of meta references as some of these actors play exaggerated versions of their real-life personalities.

As real-to-reel take on the life of producers, directors, and actors from Caldecott Hill, the drama will let audiences watch Rui En (Fang Tong Lin) and Jeanette Aw (Zhao Fei Er) duke it out for real and for the first time.

After much talk and debate over the rivalry between the now-defunct “seven princesses”, the duo will play hot favourite actresses vying to become the TV station’s number one star. Zoe Tay (Zhou Wei Yun) and Chen Liping (Yao Zhu Kang Li) will also feature as sparring executive producers from opposite camps.

So are things really that aggressive and catty in local showbiz?

Well, not really – at least not by MediaCorp Ah Jie’s standards. In her interview with xinmsn at the drama’s imaging session yesterday, Zoe called TheDream Makers “a dramatised and magnified take on local showbiz”.

“The story plot and characters are fictitious and purely done for the sake of entertaining TV viewers,” she quipped with a chuckle.

Zoe’s sentiments are echoed by Rui En, who will play the former’s subordinate in the show. “Let me assure you, the real TV station is not that exciting. (Laughs) They might be writing on a scenario that took place 20 years ago. It’s more normal now and less exciting.”

Apart from fleshing out power struggles within the TV industry, the drama will have its fair share of complicated love triangles between its leads too. Chen Hanwei (Yu Fan) and Zoe will reunite – after their collaboration in Devotion – to play soulmates and Qi Yuwu (Jason) will play a rising star director who gets to romance the TV station’s two hottest actresses.

Intrigued yet? Check out xinmsn’s gallery to find out more about the characters in the show!

The Dream Makers debuts June 24, weekdays, Ch8 at 9pm.

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