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Aaron Kwok offered $6m to judge China’s So You Think You Can Dance

Aaron’s manager says that the collaboration is highly likely

Aaron Kwok

Canto-pop star Aaron Kwok has reportedly been offered a whopping RMB$30 million (approximately S$6.17 million) by Zhejiang Satellite TV (ZJSTV) to appear on the judging panel of Chinese dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance, said Hong Kong media.

Many Chinese TV shows have been known to spend big money to get popular Hong Kong stars to make appearances. China’s Got Talent invited Chow Yun Fat to be a judge for the hefty price of RMB$50 million (S$10 million), while The Voice of China offered RMB$30 million and RMB$40 million (S$8.23 million) to Heavenly Kings Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung respectively. However, both Yun Fat and Jacky declined the offers, while Andy remains undecided due to scheduling difficulties.

The second season of So You Think You Can Dance will air April 19, following a change in its Chinese title from Wu Lin Zheng Ba to Zhong Guo Hao Wu Dao. The production team has been angling for Aaron to take the judge’s seat since the first season, but was unable to resolve scheduling conflicts. Determined to succeed this time round, they purportedly made three trips to Hong Kong to meet with Aaron and even offered him a large pay cheque as a show of their sincerity.

When contacted about the reports, Aaron’s manager Siu Mei expressed, “The production is very sincere about inviting Aaron to be their spokesperson and the person-in-charge has made many trips to Hong Kong, so we are really touched. Aaron personally hopes to play a part in the promotion of dancing and the discovery of new talented dancers.”

According to media reports, Aaron’s schedule is currently jam-packed as he has just accepted a role in director Chen Kai Ge’s movie, Dao Shi Xia Shan. Although this will disrupt the TV show’s production, producers are willing to accommodate his schedule and shoot once every three weeks instead of thrice every fortnight.

Despite this, Aaron has yet to confirm he will be joining the show. Siu Mei said, “We’re still in the midst of discussing the details. The main problem is the scheduling, but there is a high chance for collaboration if everyone’s production values coincide.”

When asked to confirm the rumoured RMB$30 million pay cheque, Siu Mei asserted, “The amount of money is not the most important factor in our discussion. What’s important to Aaron is whether it is possible to do the best he can.”

Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok

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