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Aaron Yan’s toilet scenes to be included in reality show

The Fahrenheit member was shocked to learn that footage of him using the bathroom will be included

aaron yan

Taiwanese singer Aaron Yan was shocked to learn that producers of web reality programme The Aaron Time have included scenes of him using the toilet.

The show is produced by Aaron’s company to give fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the singer’s personal life, and 21 cameras were installed at the star’s house, car and office to cover his day-to-day life.

Aaron had initially expressed concerns about being filmed as he felt awkward and, at times, had to rush to his neighbour’s house to use their toilet.

However, as time passed, the Fahrenheit member could no longer be bothered by the cameras as he was too tired after filming the entire day.

When asked if he had requested for any scenes to be omitted, the 27-year-old merely said he trusted the company and has not questioned the editing though he was shocked to learn that the toilet scenes were included.

Aaron added that he saw the programme as a documentary, presenting the most candid side of him to the public.

The show, which took the production team one month to film and has footage file size totaling some 800GB, is scheduled to air in September.

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aaron yan

aaron yan

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