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Aaron Yan on the freedom of being a solo artiste

The Taiwanese singer looks back on his showbiz journey – from his Fahrenheit boyband days to being a solo artiste now

Aaron Yan

Taiwanese singer Aaron Yan proved his popularity as a solo artiste when fans mobbed his autograph session in Singapore last week.

The idol who was in town to promote his first solo album The Moment, released in October last year,signed autographs continuously for three hours, due to the overwhelming amount of fans who turned up.

Aaron debuted as a member of popular Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit. At the peak of their popularity, the members announced that they would be focusing on individual activities without disbanding.

The youngest member who is acknowledged to have the best vocals among the group went ahead to pursue his passion in singing while the other members focused on acting and hosting.

Winning fans’ hearts with his ‘emotional prince’ image, Aaron confessed that he has much more freedom as a solo artiste now.“Releasing my own album allows me to truly express my own thoughts and ideas, and I can sing songs that I like.”

However, Aaron clarified that he enjoyed the joyous mood whenever he is with his member and happily recalled the times when the four of them worked, ate and played together,“It was an amazing journey and I would treasure these precious memories, even until I am 70 or 80 years old.”

Aaron further analysed the difference between working as a solo artiste and a group. “You only realise how big the stage is and how more effort have to be put in when you are standing on it alone,” said the 27-year-old.

“In the past there are four people to share the workload, like we can take turns to handle questions during an interview, or everyone is in charge of different parts of a performance. When you are on your own, you need to concentrate on everything from the beginning to the end.”

Aaron Yan

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