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Ada Choi and Max Zhang spend quality time in Maldives

The couple recently celebrated Max Zhang’s 39th birthday in Maldives without their daughters

Ada Choi Max Zhang

Accoding to the Hong Kong media, Ada Choi and Max Zhang spent some rare quality time together as they celebrated Max’s 39th birthday in Maldives two days ago without their two daughters.

Having just given birth to her second daughter in April, Ada showed off her post-pregnancy figure by posting photos of her in a bikini online. The Hong Kong actress jokingly commented, “I haven’t worn a bikini ever since Miss Hong Kong pageant years ago! Now, I shall let all of you admire my post-pregnancy figure behind my husband’s back. Isn’t it very sexy?”

Ada also posted a series of photos taken during the Maldives trip along with a a sweet birthday message for her husband. The 39-year-old wrote: “Happy birthday hubby! May you be happy forever and I hope that your work will get more exciting and fulfilling so that you can continue to surprise the audiences with your performance! I also hope that our two daughters will always listen to you and love you!”

She cheekily added, “May your wife become prettier, maintain her good figure, be good at cooking, be adored by people wherever she goes, be chauffeured everywhere, and most importantly, bring you endless happiness and joys in your life.”

In reply to Ada’s post, Max wrote: “I am thankful for many things in life: The Grandmasters has brought in more work opportunities for me; my eldest daughter is growing up healthily and my second daughter recently arrived in this world. I will continue to work hard!”


Ada Choi

Ada Choi Max Zhang

Ada Choi Max Zhang

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