09 March 2013 08:15
Adam Lambert flaunts both style and substance at Singapore show

The American Idol favourite rocked local Glamberts with both over-the-top performances and down-to-earth renditions

Adam Lambert flaunts both style and substance at Singapore show
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Text and photos: Tammi Tan
Video: Tay Yixuan

“Someone once asked me if I’m promoting a certain ‘lifestyle’ in my shows,” Adam Lambert told fans at his gig here last night. It was near the end of the event, but liveliness levels in the Star Theatre @ The Star Performing Arts Centre remained sky-high.

 “I said the only lifestyle I’m promoting is one of love, friendship, joy, music and fashion. And if anyone wants to come and be a part of this lifestyle, well, we accept everybody!” A clear, strong message to those who’ve ever discriminated against the singer’s sexuality (which, judging by the number of euphoric fan girls, is clearly not an issue!).

Recent controversies aside, Adam’s first full Singapore showcase proved to be a stunning and smooth-sailing affair – no unexpected technical glitches, no weird sound system mess-ups, and as far as we heard, not even off-key moments from the talented rocker.

Vivid lights, intense music and nimble backup dancers signaled the start of the two-hour event. 4,500 Glamberts immediately erupted into earth-shattering cheers the moment their Idol emerged, decked in sheening sapphire (seriously, who else could pull that look off?).

It was high octane entertainment from the get-go. Adam kicked things off with a string of energetic hits, including hot favourite ‘If I Had You’, ‘Naked Love’, ‘Cuckoo’, and ‘Never Close Our Eyes’.

In addition to flaunting those distinct, phenomenal vocals, Adam also took the chance to show off his sassy, sensual dance moves. This thoroughly delighted screaming front-row fans, who almost pushed down the stage barrier to get a little closer to the action.

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