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Aimee Chan hopes for son to be successful and bright

Aimee Chan finally announced her first son’s Chinese name, “Chan Zi Ye”

Aimee Chan

After rising to the ranks of motherhood late last year, Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan finally revealed her son’s Chinese name at an event she attended with Jan Lamb on Monday.

Recently, Aimee and her actor husband Moses Chan held a discreet celebration party at Ko Samui for their son’s 100th day birthday on 14th March. On Monday, she revealed her son’s Chinese name to be “Chan Zi Ye”.

Aimee explained that the character “Zi” stands for a special type of tree that is an important construction material, embodying her wishes for her son to be successful. The character “Ye” means bright and brilliant, representing a passionate personality. She expressed that the Chinese name is a present for her son as it suits him very well and complements his English name, Aiden.

The former Miss Hong Kong also revealed that she and her husband racked their brains for a long time to come up with the name, and did not run the name through a fortune teller to check for its suitability. She said, “It just happens that I study design and feel that the name looks really good when it’s written out, it’s a perfect name!”

She added insightfully, “[We don’t know] what kind of personality our son will have in the future or what kind of path he will choose to take. The name is only a small present that we’re giving him.”

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