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Aimee Chan withdraws from TVB drama

The couple is rumoured to be getting married in secret after Aimee Chan withdrew from a TVB drama for “private reasons”

Aimee Chan Moses Chan

Aimee Chan has withdrawn from a new TVB drama to “settle some private matters” in Canada, giving rise to speculations that the Hong Kong actress and her actor boyfriend Moses Chan are getting married.

According to the Hong Kong media, filming for her new TVB drama Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon starring Aimee is set to begin next month, but the actress suddenly requested to withdraw from the drama.

In response to the reports, Aimee confirmed that she has to return to Canada to visit her parents, but she is unable to reveal details.

When asked if she and Moses plan to hold a secret wedding in Canada, Aimee replied with a laugh, “Thanks for your blessings, but save your well wishes until it’s really time for us to get married!”

Meanwhile, Moses told reporters in a phone interview that he is aware of Aimee’s withdrawal from the drama, but declined to elaborate further. Moses also said that he will not be going to Canada with Aimee because of his work in Hong Kong.

Dimissing rumours of a secret marriage in Canada, the 42-year-old said, “I will definitely inform everyone if I am getting married because I am a very traditional person.”


Aimee Chan Moses Chan

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