Thursday, 06 March 2014 10:45

Alex To accused of instigating data theft

The Hong Kong-based singer is reportedly involved in stealing information from his management

Alex To

Hong Kong and Taiwan-based Singer Alex To was recently accused of instigating two staff members to steal confidential information from his management company. If he is found guilty, he may face up to 11 years of imprisonment.

After his act was found out, Alex was said to have terminated his contract. His manager confirmed the reports, and admitted that Alex was indeed involved in stealing confidential information. The manager also told of his intentions to sue his former artiste for the matter.

His manager also said that Alex often complained that he does not have enough money and asked to borrow from him, and revealed that Alex has rejected quite a number of performance invitations using the excuse of being able to sing live.

When asked about Alex’s voice, his manager said: “It’s quite a serious matter, and I’m not able to reveal it at the moment.”

Reporters then queried Alex on his role in the matter. Although he admitted to terminating his contract, he denied being involved in stealing confidential information from his management. “I don’t need to do that – I’m very clear about my own information,” he said.

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