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Alex To denies owing manager large sums of money

The Hong Kong singer says his manager’s accusations are “not the truth”

Alex To

Hong Kong singer Alex To was recently in the news after his management accused him of instigating data theft and owing him a large sum of money, to which he denied.

When queried by reporters, he said: “It’s not the truth, and I don’t want to comment on it.”

It is understood that Alex knew his manager since 25 years ago and they have worked together for 10 years, and they were as close as brothers. So when news broke that he terminated his contract, and even instigated staff members to steal confidential information for him, it came as a shock to many.

His manager claimed that Alex owes him NT6 million (approximately S$250,000), and does not wish to get the money back. “The apartment that Alex bought for his father is now given to his stepmother, his Taipei’s restaurant has closed down, and his bank account is empty – he has no more assets in Taiwan, but what I want is to fight for what’s right,” he said.

He attributed their worsened relationship to Alex’s wife Ice Lee, a short-film director. “Everything went wrong after he got married. He even chided me for “not turning him into a huge star”.”

Alex’s ex-manager who has worked with him for nine years also said that he kept attacking her for no reason at all, causing her to ultimately quit the company.

The management company has contacted their lawyer, and will release an official statement regarding the incident soon.

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