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Alex To speaks up on data theft accusation

The Hong Kong singer likens his relationship with his manager to a divorce in a marriage

Alex To

Hong Kong singer Alex To was recently in the media spotlight after his manager accused him of instigating data theft and owing him a large sum of money.

His manager Yao Fengqun said that he also terminated his contract, and plans to recover NT20 million (S$830,000) from him, which included expenses from last year’s album, concert and living expenses.

Alex finally spoke up about the incident when he was queried by reporters yesterday, after he and his wife Ice were spotted at a restaurant.

Using a divorce analogy to describe the worsening relations between him and Fengqun, Alex said: “A couple marries because of love, and separates because of disagreements and understanding. Both parties will be upset during a divorce, and things only worsen when the other party does not accept the ‘divorce’.”

“I’m very upset,” he said of his manager’s accusations. “But I don’t wish to say anything to hurt him now. He has his point of view, and no matter how exaggerated it may be, I’ll leave it to the lawyers to deal with it.”

He appeared to be visibly affected, and was tearing up as he spoke to reporters.

Alex also said that he does not owe Fengqun any money, and that when he terminated his contract, he followed all the necessary rules and procedures. It was understood that both parties stopped working together since January 17, with the main reason cited as an investment problem last year, and differing views from both parties.

Fengqun had hinted to the media earlier that Alex could not sing live due to a problem with his voice, and regarding this, Alex said that he was “most wronged”, as he had just finished a performance, even sang during Show Luo’s show, and that his voice had no issues at all.

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