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Aloysius Pang signs three-year contract with MediaCorp

The Noon Talk star is the latest addition to MediaCorp’s stable of artistes

Aloysius Pang

Aloysius Pang has finally signed a three-year contract with MediaCorp, making him eligible for the Best Newcomer, Best Actor and Top 10 Most Popular Actors awards at the Star Awards 2015.

Aloysius, who used to be under Noon Talk Media, an artiste management firm set up by Dasmond Koh, will now be officially represented by MediaCorp; the contract will take effect from April 1.

Having gained much popularity from his leading roles in Ch8 and ChU dramas I’m in Charge and Served H.O.T, he has been getting involved in many upcoming dramas, such as Against the Tide, a new Ch8 drama for which an imaging session was recently held.

In the drama, many characters have twisted, psychotic personalities, and Aloysius will take on the role of Zhao Ke Yi, a “kind character with a dark side” in this drama. Since young his onscreen father inculcated the idea that he needs to “rid the world of villains so as to save mankind from the end of the world”. This eventually results in a series of mass suicide rituals conducted by Ke Yi and his friends when he grows up.

As a psychopath and a ghost

In an interview with xinmsn, Aloysius also admitted that Zhao Ke Yi is his most challenging role so far.

In order to ease himself into the role, he has been watching many films associated with split personalities online, such as Fight Club and Shutter Island. In fact, he completed five movies in three days.

As an introvert, he enjoys mulling about things by himself, and many people have advised him to be careful when acting, and avoid getting too emotionally involved in his role. Aloysuius, however, feels that he can still control his own emotions.

He also said that he looks forward to be able to work closely with Rui En, as he felt that he has a lot to learn from the Caldecott ‘princess’ who has dominated this year’s Star Awards online categories.

“It would be an interesting and fun experience,” he chuckled.

Aloysius Pang

And if taking on the role of a psychopath isn’t enough, Aloysius is also starring in a Toggle web series Ghost Talk, starring as a ghost.

“The audience will definitely get a scare when they see the imaging photos!” he told xinmsn. “It’s very freaky, and my eyeballs will be entirely white, like those in Thai horror movies!”

The rising star found it refreshing to get two non-mainstream roles with completely different makeovers. “The more they deviate from the norm, the better!” he said.

As both productions will commence filming at around the same time, is he afraid that he may confuse the two roles?

“No lah, one is human, the other one is a ghost!” he answered with a laugh. “Plus the styles of both shows are different. Anyway, the filming of Ghost Talk will probably only take a few days.”

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