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Andie Chen and Kate Pang welcome son Aden Chen

First-time father Andie Chen tells us more about their newborn son, who arrived this morning at 6.29 a.m.

Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Andie Chen


Andie Chen, Kate Pang and their newborn son

Celebrity couple Andie Chen and Kate Pang became proud parents to their first child, son Aden Chen, who arrived into the world in the wee hours this morning at 6.29 a.m. He weighs a healthy 3.66kg and was delivered naturally at home in Taipei.

Less than six hours after Aden’s arrival, we caught up with Andie, who sounded tired, over a phone interview. The actor was originally filming The Journey: Tumultuous Times in Ipoh, but had to rush back to Taipei at the very last minute on Sunday morning when Kate called him and said she “felt uncomfortable.”

As Kate’s due date was originally scheduled on July 1, Andie shared that he almost could not make it back in time for the delivery as air tickets were sold out. Plus, he said, “The internet at Ipoh is close to non-existent so I could not book tickets online and had to rush down to the airport to see what I could do.”

Thankfully, with the help of two ground staff, he managed to book another ticket from another airline and made it back in time. “It has all been a big blessing,” he said.

Kate started to go into labour one hour after he arrived back home.  Speaking fondly of Kate, whom he calls an “amazing” and “very independent woman,” Andie said: “She’s very brave lah. I’m quiet amazed at her threshold for pain. She has the highest threshold for pain I’ve seen in a female – and I consider mine to be pretty high too – but this time round, she’s met her match (chuckles).”

Instead of giving birth at the hospital, the couple opted for a traditional birth at home with the help of Kate’s sister and two professional midwives. Calling it a “natural, pure and real” process, he added laughingly, “At a point of time, she confessed that she was really regretting her decision because it’s so painful.”

Kate Pang cuddling her newborn son

Kate Pang cuddling her newborn son

According to Kate, says Andie, the process is 10 times harder than giving birth in the hospital because no epidural is used and there is nothing to help with the pain.

Andie stuck by Kate’s side throughout her “intense six to eight hours of labour” and supported her while she laid on him in different positions.

“She’s resting right now,” he said, “She’s dead tired and giving birth at night is even tougher ‘cos she hasn’t rested yet. After the whole birth and cleaning up, she still has to breastfeed the baby. It’s been quite tough.”

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