14 January 2014 09:30
Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus fight zombies with… durian?

‘The Walking Dead’ stars bring the phrase “take your bloody work home with you” to a whole new level

Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus fight zombies with… durian?
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Text and photos: Tammi Tan
Additional photos: FOX Movies Premium
Video: Foong Mien Shi

If a zombie apocalypse were to break out tomorrow, what would you take with you: a chainsaw? A crossbow? A machine gun?

For The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, his weapon of choice would be… the king of fruits.

“Durian,” he answered without hesitation at yesterday’s press conference at the Fairmont Singapore, which he attended with co-star Norman Reedus. “We could use it as bait.”

Both actors, who were in town to promote the show and attend a live “zombie battle” event at the LASALLE College of the Arts over the weekend, had tried the notorious fruit the day before – and we suppose its overwhelming aroma left quite an impression on them.

“It’s interesting because when you look at it, you think ‘fruit’, but it tastes nothing like fruit,” Norman observed. “That would make a great weapon. (laughs)

The conventional undead-slaying tools have not completely been forgotten, though. In fact, Norman owned up to bringing every crossbow – his character Daryl Dixon’s signature weapon – he’s used on the show home. “They’re back in my apartment in New York, along with a vest and a couple of ponchos,” he admitted. “I steal everything.”

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