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Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng are madly in love

The soon-to-be-married couple can’t seem to get enough of each other!

Andy Hui Sammi Cheng

After Hong Kong singer Andy Hui successfully proposed to his Cantopop singer-turned-actress girlfriend Sammi Cheng, the couple was said to have been staying apart to prepare for their marriage. But Andy seems to have found an excuse to visit his fiancée every day – all because of his dog Lucky!

During an interview last month after the couple returned from their Bali holiday, Sammi revealed that she has moved out of Andy’s place, where she has been staying for three months.

But Andy has now found another way to visit Sammi daily – all thanks to his missus’ soft spot for his dog Lucky. He reportedly placed the dog under her care with the excuse: “Work’s been busy and there’s no one to look after Lucky!”

A source revealed: “In the past, it was Sammi who visited Andy. Now that Lucky is staying with Sammi, Andy has an excuse to get her to live together again!”

The dedicated groom-to-be even ferries Sammi to and from work every day, and the couple was even seen shopping hand-in-hand last week, entering a pet shop and visiting Sammi’s parents.

Andy Hui Sammi Cheng

Andy Hui Sammi Cheng

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