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Andy Hui receives S$4.8mil to switch company

The Hong Kong singer wants to earn more to support Sammi Cheng

Andy Hui Sammi Cheng

Hong Kong singer Andy Hui reportedly pocketed a NT30 million (approximately S$4.89 million) paycheck to switch companies. If rumours are true, he will be transferred from Media Asia Entertainment to famed artiste manager Paco Wong’s Sun Entertainment next month.

Sources revealed that Andy made this decision because he wanted to fulfill his promise of taking care of his wife, Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng. The pair was recently said to have tied the knot in Bali.

The celebrity couple has been in the media limelight recently for their marriage, and netizens have often compared Andy to Sammi. It is often said that the queen of Cantopop is more successful than her husband, and that she has a “higher value” in Hong Kong showbiz.

But Andy – who also commands high earnings himself – said he will work hard to buy a house for his wife and provide for her.

A source said: “Although Sammi has so much assets and money, Andy said that he would not touch her money no matter what. He forked out the entire cost of their wedding in Bali, including flights and accommodation. Even when they went shopping, he paid for it, as he feels that it’s a man’s responsibility!”

He thus decided to end his nine-year collaboration with Hong Kong tycoon Peter Lam’s Media Asia Entertainment and jump ship to Sun Entertainment instead, which forked out NT30 million to take him on.

The source also added: “Paco Wong has always wanted to sign Andy on. Now Andy says he hopes to sprint and work hard to support his wife.”

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