Tuesday, 21 January 2014 15:45

Anita Yuen takes legal action against Chinese company

The company reportedly misappropriated the images of Anita Yuen and Rosamund Kwan

Anita Yuen Rosamund Kwan

Hong Kong actresses Anita Yuen and Rosamund Kwan were recently accused of cheating Chinese villagers of their hard-earned money. To clear her name, Anita clarified in an interview with the Hong Kong media yesterday that her images had been misappropriated.

“The company has unethically used my name to open chain fashion stores. I will get to the bottom of this via legal means,” she said. “I am furious. I hope that by making this public, people could help with the investigations.”

One year ago, Anita was allegedly approached by a Chinese firm to establish a fashion label, but both parties stopped corresponding after the plans fell through. However, it was discovered that the company went on to set up several shops in Anita’s name without her knowledge or permission.

“I don’t understand how anyone can disregard human rights and the law! This would never happen in Hong Kong.” Anita exclaimed in anger.

The trial will reportedly take place during the Chinese New Year period.

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